What if 12 minutes a day of serious exercise was all you needed?

Hi everyone! 

The importance of regular exercise incorporated into a healthy lifestyle and diet cannot be stressed enough in our quest for optimal health and longevity. Charaka, the greatest writer on Ayurveda, gives this very complete explanation for the need for exercise: "From physical exercise one gets lightness, a capacity for work, firmness, tolerance of difficulties, elimination of impurities, and stimulation of digestion"
But not all forms of exercise are created equal. 
Are you frustrated with your workouts? Are you feeling too exhausted to exercise or go to a yoga class? Are you not losing the weight or getting the benefits you hoped for? Perhaps you are pushing too hard!! 
You may not know it but it is important to reduce the amount of stress that is perceived by the body during a workout and the domino effect of hormonal responses that follow. As it turns out, how you breathe determines how you respond to stress. When we breathe trough our noses, the incoming air is forced through the nose deeply into the lower lobes of the lungs where the calming, repairing parasympathetic nerve receptors predominate. In other words, breathing through the nose during exercise is a tool that can alter the body's perception of the activity it normally perceives as stressful, to one of calm and repair.

But when you happen to push it harder your mouth will automatically open to grasp for a big inhale of air: it's your body telling you you've gone too far...so, go down to a pace you can maintain breathing in and out through your nose, for a re-oxygenating, fat burning, detoxifing, calming workout. 

Try John Douillard's 12 minute workout...it is just 12 minutes per day :)