What a good SPRING DETOX can do for you

There are some really good reasons to consider detox as part of your health program - and Spring is the best time of the year to do just that.

Every Spring some foods are harvested that naturally provoke a cleansing response in the body. Sadly, most of us eat roughly the same things 365 days per year and miss out on this seasonal detoxification.

Today - in a world that has become more toxic than ever - seasonal detoxification is strongly advised and I thought I would told you about it early enough to get you prepared...

To begin with it is important to have a good understanding of what a detoxification really is and how can affect your health. The body has many ways to deal with the many substances to which we are exposed every day - from our food through our drinks to environmental chemicals. Different pathways help keep the body unencumbered from toxic accumulation the liver being the major organ of detoxification and with the lungs and kidneys its major filters. While you probably change your car filters every so often, when was the last time you heard of a lung or liver change? 

After a long winter of heavy, insulating, warming and "holiday" foods, the intestinal track can become boggy and congested, your lymph sluggish and your filters clogged.

In the spring the chlorophyl rich sprouts finally surface and the valleys turn fluorescent green. The spring greens provide the fertilizers to grow the good bacteria in the gut and flush the lymphatic system. Leafy greens, berries and cherries will cleanse the lymph even further towards the end of the season. Each season provides for the elements our body needs at each stage, isn't it beautiful?

A good Spring Detox with seasonal foods as well as some auxiliaries like hydration, introduction of healthy daily rituals, some supplements, yoga, breathing techniques...is the best way to achieve a deep cleansing and can set the stage for long lasting healthy choices.

A detox is like pressing your body's reset button: It decreases inflammation, cleanses your lymphatic system, provokes mental clarity, increases you energy level and rejuvenates your digestive tract. 

I can offer you two options for your spring detox this year: come to Lisbon for a nurturing 5 day Retreat or join me in my consultation for an at home REGENERATE COACHING PROGRAM.