A RETREAT, an extremely enjoyable, routine-changing TREAT

Out of home, ...in a group, well pampered and in a nice nurturing environment makes changing bad habits into a healthy routine an easy task. A REGENERATING RETREAT, as we like to call it, is a holistic residential program designed to unwind from the toxicities of our urban living and to reset into a more balanced lifestyle.

We just arrived from a five day long Regenerating Retreat in the south of Lisbon and I wanted to share with you some of the pictures. They are richer than words. 

There is still one place in our next Retreat starting Monday the 19th of October. Have a look here

But, if you don't have the possibility to leave on a retreat this year you may want to join me in the kitchen here in Brussels, one day per month, to learn the basis of an easy, extra-healthy family cuisine. There are still some availabilities in the Foundations in french. Have a look here